"By far the most captivating, largest 80's/Modern Rock Show in CNY"
                                                                                         - Peoples Choice Committee - CNY

 I would like to personally thank everyone that has supported Emerald City for the past 2 decades. From the various  musicians to the many fans all over the world (especially London, I love the accent) who have made what was once  a dream and concept into a full blown stage and light show and has rocked the hearts of so many. Since 1993, EC  has entertained 1000's of people and though all good things must come to an end, the EC entourage still lives on.  While one door closes, another one is always close by waiting to be opened. With that, I have joined forced with  local legends, Under The Gun which has opened up an endless list of covers with a wide variety of genres spanning  from rock to country. It is something to be heard and see what 4 lead vocalist can bring to the stage.

 Please visit utgrocks.com for this summers tour.

 Jon Celi
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